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Try this just for fun!

It may surpise you to know, but I believe there are things that are just as much fun as knitting, such as talking about knitting, dreaming about your next project, shopping for wool and possibly even answering silly poll questions about knitting!  Why not give it a go!

The Aylesford Knitting Group takes a summer holiday

We celebrated our final meeting of the year with homemade brownies  and then shared our knitting plans for the forthcoming summer weeks.  For me there will be lots of long car journeys, catching up with the grandparents whilst the children are briefly home from uni.  This means lots of time to sit and knit, with only the occasional interruption when my map reading skills are needed!  We are still breaking in Emily, the new sat nav.  She’s not quite used to all of our foibles as yet.

My random stripe blanket is almost complete.  Just the plain cream borders to go now to finish it off.

So what are you all knitting over the summer?

Aylesford Knitting Group resumes on Tuesday evenings from 6th September.  See you all then.