The Aylesford Knitting Group takes a summer holiday

We celebrated our final meeting of the year with homemade brownies  and then shared our knitting plans for the forthcoming summer weeks.  For me there will be lots of long car journeys, catching up with the grandparents whilst the children are briefly home from uni.  This means lots of time to sit and knit, with only the occasional interruption when my map reading skills are needed!  We are still breaking in Emily, the new sat nav.  She’s not quite used to all of our foibles as yet.

My random stripe blanket is almost complete.  Just the plain cream borders to go now to finish it off.

So what are you all knitting over the summer?

Aylesford Knitting Group resumes on Tuesday evenings from 6th September.  See you all then.

7 thoughts on “The Aylesford Knitting Group takes a summer holiday

  1. One hat finished, halfway through second hat….
    Having trouble finding wool for nephews christmas cardigan. Pattern suggests two wools that are discontinued! If I need 19 stitches and 25 rows on 4.5mm needles can I use wool that will give me 18 stitches and 24 rows on 5mm needles?

    • Wow! I think this needs a mathematician! All I can suggest is, give it a go if you already have the wool in stock. Knit one piece and see if it measures up to the size you need. Sounds like it won’t be far out. Good luck! And very well done with the hats.

      • John Lewis to the rescue! The nice rowan lady suggested I use rowan pure wool aran. Is there anything jl doesn’t do ? Also thought you would like to know Barsley’s in Paddock Wood has as sale on which includes wool. Had to buy some sidar baby bamboo as I was too impatient to source the Aran. Knitting is addictive 😉

  2. Hi missing you guys loads. I feel at a loose end on Tuesdays. I’ve almost barely finished my first ball of wool….hmmm, only another 9 to go then!!!

  3. How funny, my sat nav is called Jane and my Mum’s is Susie. Is this a common thing to name your sat nav? Had high hopes of finishing a tunic I started knitting a year ago but did not manage one stitch. Help!!!!

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