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I made a granny square!

After years of promising myself that I would learn to crochet, today I finally achieved it thanks to an amazing Youtube tutorial by Catherine Hirst: How To Do A Left Handed Crochet Granny Square.  Thank you, Catherine.

Here’s my very first square:


Happy New Knitting Year!

The Aylesford Knitting Group has its first meeting of 2013 tomorrow, Tuesday 8th January, 6pm till 7.30pm. Everyone welcome.  Want to learn to knit?  Come and join us.

I have been knitting over the holidays, but also found that January was the perfect time to make some jam.  Yum!


Happy Birthday to me

I’m spending the weekend with my lovely husband in a cosy Suffolk cottage. Early January is a horrible time to have your birthday, but I’m having an absolutely fabulous time.  I even brought along 3 knitting projects.  Not sure I’ll actually get much knitting done, but the thought was there!