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My first yarn bombing!

Well, I said I would do it and now I finally have.  Last night I was still knitting until very, very late and then this morning I got up early to install my very first yarn bombing project.  I took my inspiration from Pippi Long Stocking, the colours I had left in my scrap wool tin and the ‘Knit the City’ book TLH gave me for Mother’s Day.  No prizes for guessing the site of my installation.  Enjoy!

Installing the project, early this morning.

Installing the project, early this morning.

The completed project

Every garden should have some!

Every garden should have some!

Two more babies!

I’m not sure what they’re putting in the water around here, but we are delighted to congratulate two more Aylesford Knitting Group mums on the safe arrival of their babies.  Just this week baby Stanley was born to Daniele.  A handsome, bouncing baby boy.  A ‘not so little’ brother for Malorie.  Congratulations, Dani!  The wait is finally over!!  And last week Nicola’s beautiful baby girl, Amelia Rose, came along to Knitting Group with Mummy, to say ‘hello’ to everyone.  Needless to say that there was not much knitting going on as everyone wanted a cuddle!

So come on ladies!  Who’s next?!

knitted bootees

You can find these beautiful bootees on Etsy.  Just follow the link.  Sadly they are not made by me.  I wish!

A Bunch of Tulips for Spring

It may be winter outside … but the calendar says it’s already spring!

As we dare to hope that the long winter may soon be over, what more cheerful sight is there than a beautiful bunch of spring flowers?  Knitted ones are even better as they will last forever.  Enjoy my knitted tulips! Pattern courtesy of the Stitch and Craft Show.