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Stash busting? It’s for wimps!

I guess I’m feeling just a little bit guilty as my stash busting has gone completely out of the window today. In the space of just a couple of hours and courtesy of Hobbycraft, Frances Iles and a couple of charity shops along the way, this is my haul!
New stash


Knitting Richard!

I shall be knitting in public again on Friday evening when I take my seat at The Friars in Aylesford to watch the amazing Changeling Theatre production of Richard III. Join me!

Let us eat cake … and knit!

Despite the risk of that fateful combination of sticky fingers and knitting, we, the bold and brave Aylesford Knitting Group, have eaten cake whilst knitting and nattering this evening. The cake was, of course, a handmadebysoo production and my lovely ladies were kind enough to pay me compliments and suggest I post the recipe.
That’s easier said than done, really, since my method of cake baking is best described as ‘bung in whatever you have in the store cupboard and see what happens’. I have to say this is a fool proof method and there is always someone around who will eat the result. My lovely son is largely fuelled on mummy’s homemade cake!
So what’s the recipe? Simple. Just decide how many eggs you want to use. I usually go for 3 if it’s a small cake and 5 if it’s a family occasion. Weigh your eggs and whatever they weigh add the same weight in SR flour, butter and, preferably brown, sugar. Then you add your store cupboard flavourings. For today’s cake I used coconut, coffee essence and Ovaltine (well, I had no cocoa in stock!). I topped the cake off with a simple icing made from icing sugar and natural yoghurt. And, luckily for me, it worked! Here’s what’s left!