Don’t be long, Meka

Sadly, we have had to say goodbye to our lovely black cat, Meka. He died peacefully earlier this week at the grand old age of 16. He spent 14 of those years with us after joining us from Viking Oak pet rescue centre. The children have grown up with him and we all share the very fondest, happy memories. Meka enjoyed several hobbies, including perforating the handles of carrier bags, hiding pine cones in people’s shoes and, undoubtedly his favourite, kneading my knitting. Although he had his own cat flap into the back garden, he usually insisted on being let out of the front door, where he would lurk in wait for his arch enemy, Ginger from next door. We always told him not to be long for fear he should come to grief in the great outdoors. We won’t have to say that any more now. No longer will I hold my breath as he leaps from the shed roof on to the balcony, or rush to empty a kitchen cupboard so that he can hide from the thunder. But maybe we will carry on doing all of those things, at least for a while, as we gradually come to terms with losing our lovely boy.


6 thoughts on “Don’t be long, Meka

  1. Sorry to hear the sad news 😦
    I also used to have my dear cat with me for 17 years and since she passed away years ago, I still think of her..
    cats leave paw prints on hearts

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