The life-sized seagull is complete!

Sea gull

I finished knitting J’s seagull today and now he stands proudly, preparing to call to his friends.  Mercifully, he is much quieter than the gulls outside.  I love his beady eyes, made from the tiniest vintage buttons, but for me the best part has to be his knobbly knees!

2 thoughts on “The life-sized seagull is complete!

  1. Hi!

    What a beautiful bird you made!

    I am not really good in knitting (more crocheting), but I would love to make a seagull myself for my little baby boy (still not born yet, but today I’m in 40wks!). As a marine biologist and birder I think a seagull suits best!

    Is there any possibility to get a copy of your pattern (only for personal use!) or can you help me out how to knit a bird like this?

    Thanks a million for sharing and inspiration!
    Maaike Smelter

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