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A Fairy Godmother to make all our wishes come true?

I love working with creative people!  When I ran the Knit a Christmas Tree Decoration workshop last week, I couldn’t possibly have imagined how Barbara’s Christmas Fairy was going to turn out.

She’s just amazing.  Here she is.

fairy godmother


A Little Christmas Soldier

Following our Christmas knitting workshop last Wednesday evening, Knit your own Christmas tree decoration,  Agathe has sent me a photo of the delightful knitted soldier she made.

Agathe's soldier

Well done, Agathe!

Knit a Christmas Tree Decoration – tonight!

There’s still time to join us this evening for a Christmas Tree Decoration Workshop.  Please contact us on if you can make it, or to find out about our next course.

 Knit a Christmas tree decoration


Soo’s kitchen

The Aylesford Knitting Group meets every Tuesday evening in Soo’s kitchen in Aylesford.  Here’s a picture!

AKG web

If you’d like to join us in the kitchen, please email


Is there a doctor in the house?!

Dr Who web

Dr Who?

I’m sure there must be a doctor around here somewhere?  How do I know?  Well, he keeps leaving his scarf lying around the place.  That’s one clue!



Supporting #WobblyWednesday

handmadebysoo is happy to help the Nystagmus Network raise awareness of ‘wobbly eyes’ by celebrating #WobblyWednesday.

Wobbly Wednesday


Knitting Tonight with the Aylesford Knitting Group

Which projects will our members be working on this evening?  Inspired by Barbara’s holiday knitting (see photo), I’ll be knitting Christmas fairy lights. 

Barbara's fairy lights

Barbara’s fairy lights