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My first “Dr Who” scarf of 2014


Much like the one worn by the actor, Tom Baker, in the vintage TV series of Dr Who, here’s my first completed hand knitted Dr Who scarf of 2014.

I love knitting these over-long scarves.  It means you can get a real knitting hit whenever you need one.  I always have at least one scarf on the go.  Contrary to popular opinion (!) the stripes and colours are not simply random.  I follow the ‘official’  original BBC patterns as closely as possible.  I get a great sense of satisfaction each time I finish a scarf, sewing in the ends and attaching the rainbow tassels.  Then I find I miss the scarf and I have to start knitting the next one!

Here goes!


Vintage cotton reels inspire my sewing

I love the feel of these real wooden cotton reels.  It just makes me want to sew and reminds me of sitting with my Mum as she worked.

Inspired by my collection of reels, I picked up one of my quilting projects today and did a little hand quilting, whilst the thunder and lightning rumbled on outside.



DeeDee thinks that sometimes I spend too much time knitting …

Talk to me!

Talk to me!

… especially when it means she doesn’t get all the attention she wants.  Then she gives me her hard stare and I have to put down my knitting and talk to her.  Moments before this picture was taken, she was half way up the silver birch tree after a blue tit.  Not bad for an old lady of 16, though the bird was never in any immediate danger.  He seemed to realise, as he didn’t even flinch.

Want to make 2014 the year you learn to knit?

handmadebysoo is introducing a ‘drop in’ learn to knit opportunity in February.  No regular classes to attend.  No up front fee.  Simply pay as you go.  Any Wednesday evening complete beginners can come along between 6pm and 7.30pm.  You will receive coaching from the very beginning.  Come along for as many sessions as you like until you feel you are a confident knitter.  Only £6 for each session you choose to attend.

If you can’t make Wednesdays or need a different time, please contact us for details of one-to-one sessions available.

Learn to Knit - blog-page-001

Please contact us at handmadebysoo if you’d like to learn to knit on Wednesdays.

Sessions take place in Aylesford, Kent.


Yes! We’re knitting tonight!

Just in case you were wondering … the Aylesford Knitting Group will be meeting tonight, usual time and place.  It’s our first meeting of the New Year, so let’s share our knitting resolutions.  My number one plan is to work through my WIPs without starting too many new projects.  Let’s see how long that lasts!  Oops!  I fear I may already have broken that particular resolution.

Never mind.  As I always say – you’re not a proper knitter until you have at least 9 or 10 projects on the go at once!

A tea cosy for a keen gardener?

A tea cosy for a keen gardener?

Happy New Year to our little champagne cork!

Champagne cork

As the church bells rang in the New Year and the fireworks burst across the river, one of our champagne corks went astray, only to be found this morning, nestling in one of our evergreen arrangements.  We thought he looked comfy, but decided he needed a little knitted hat and scarf to keep him warm in the bitter wintry weather.