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The Fenton Knitting Group

So far at the Fenton Knitting Group there has been some heavy-duty cable knitting, a lot of hand sewing and a bit of crochet, and a great deal of nattering!  The cakes we have enjoyed to date have included Victoria sponge, apple cake and raspberry and white chocolate brownie.  If this sounds like a great way to spend a Tuesday evening, why not join us?  Everyone welcome.  You might even get to meet the knitted imp!

The imp relaxes

Cosy autumnal knitting

There is a definite autumnal feel to the air this morning.  The sun is shining, the sky is blue, but something about the way the light is catching the cobwebs in the garden reminds me of those bright, crisp back-to-school mornings of my childhood.  This means that it must be time to bring out the heavier yarns and cosy knitting projects we’ve been storing up over the summer months.

I wanted something I could pick up and put down easily in between the decorating, so I’ve embarked on a piece of cabling, using aran yarn in neutral, doubled up for a chunkier feel.  I’m not sure what the finished item is going to be yet.  I’ll just keep going till the yarn has been used up.  Maybe a sofa ‘cosy’?

Autumn knitting

Autumn knitting