Happy Friday, happy tacking

Heart tailor tacks

Heart tailor tacks

My happy crafty moment came this week as I was watching The Great British Sewing Bee and spotted contestant Lorna making good old-fashioned tailor tacks.  So glad I’m not the only one still using them!  Can’t wait to see what’s made everyone else smile this week over at Planet Penny.

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7 thoughts on “Happy Friday, happy tacking

  1. Hello. Sorry but we don’t get the Great British Sewing Bee here in California. However, I’m currently watching the Great British Bake Off and it’s my favorite show. (it’s shown on our Public Broadcasting Channel) Maybe we will get the sewing bee one day….Happy Friday

  2. Oh how I laboured over tailors’ tacks at school, but they are so useful now. Great to meet another ‘Sewing Bee’ fan. Thanks for joining in with Happy Friday x

  3. Tailor tacking was the first thing I learnt in tailoring. If you can thread a needle you can tailor tack. It’s the old fashioned way to mark the position of darts or zips. I’m sure Claudia could explain all!

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