Brrr, it’s still cold outside



It’s back to knitting again this week at handmadebysoo-towers and I’m getting to grips with Ailbe’s jumper.  He tried it on for the first time today and was very curious to see what on earth it was that Mummy was making for him.  There’s a little way to go yet adjusting the size until it fits perfectly.  Ailbe has a very long settery body which needs to be kept warm.  But when I pulled the polo neck over his head he smiled with pride as if to say ‘just my colour’!  I can’t wait to see him in the finished item.  He’ll cut quite a dash, I’m sure.  Sorry – no sneaky peaks until then.  Instead here’s a photo of the boy himself, sans jumper.  Meanwhile I’m just popping over now to Planet Penny for more Friday smiles.Happy Friday Button 180px

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