Watching the eclipse made my Happy Friday

One of the reasons it’s so great to be back living in Lincolnshire is being able to enjoy the wonderful big skies.  We were not very hopeful, though, of seeing much of today’s solar eclipse, as it’s been a bit overcast all week.  This morning, however, was a picture perfect bright Spring day, so, armed with my home-made pinhole camera, I headed for the garden.

In good old Blue Peter style I used a cereal box for my camera and screen.  My pinhole was made using a number 12 knitting needle – of course!

Then I popped inside to see how everyone else was getting on with their sightings on Twitter and found this amazing idea of using a colander!

The light was eerie as the eclipse reached its climax and it did get very chilly for a while.

I was reminded of the eclipse in 1999, when the children were little and we watched with our pin hole cameras from our Kent garden.  That was a warm summer’s day, but the birds fell silent as the skies turned darker and a cool breeze blew.  Sadly, my son won’t have seen much today down in London, though my daughter, who is currently skiing in the French Alps, may have caught a glimpse from the top of her mountain.

My eclipse watching kit

Today's eclipse through a colander

For those who didn’t manage to see the eclipse – enjoy the photos and maybe consider moving to Lincolnshire?!

I’m looking forward to seeing what’s made everyone else smile this International Happiness Day over at Planet Penny.

Happy Friday Button 180px

6 thoughts on “Watching the eclipse made my Happy Friday

  1. I wasn’t sure we would see it either in Dorset, there were clouds everywhere, but as it turned out the clouds were thin enough to be able to watch it all really clearly without having to shield our eyes! Now the clouds have all burned away to leave the most glorious sunny day! Hope you enjoy the rest of your week and a big Happy Friday to you! xx

  2. We had grey cloud here in Sussex and so not much to see – although some people I know down here still managed to see it – must have been a gap in the clouds when I had my back turned and missed it!!

  3. Total cloud cover in West Berkshire until it was too late to see anything – then, wouldn’t you know it, glorious sunshine! Have a great week. x

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