Introducing … Doody-doo

Ailbe loves soft toys.  It’s part of his morning routine to bring them through from his bedroom to start their day with us. It gives me an excuse to visit lots of charity shops, on the pretext of finding him a ‘new’ teddy to love.  He’s taken to rooting in my bag when I come home, to see if any new little friends are lurking.  I’ve learnt not to keep my woolly hat in my bag, after it was once mistaken for a toy.  Today, though, I remembered I had some fur fabric in my stash.  It’s left over from my school days, so I guess that makes it vintage!  Back then I made a teddy for my new baby cousin.  But now the remaining fluffy material has been transformed into a supply of Doody-doos, for Ailbe to play with and love.  Each Doody-doo has a cheeky face, made from felt scraps, some have a squeaker, and, the best thing is – they have no stuffing.  So when Ailbe gets a-chewing, the carpet won’t be covered in white wadding.

Ailbe's new toy - Doody-doo

Ailbe’s new toy – Doody-doo

Please remember to watch your dog when he’s playing with toys, in case of accidents or choking.

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