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Introducing Polly, the steampunk dolly


On returning to Lincolnshire, handmadebysoo has been inspired by the trend for steampunk, centred around Lincoln.  Visiting her first steam punk convention last summer the idea was born for a new knitted doll, Polly, the steampunk dolly.  Apart from her purple hair and pretty lilac jacket, no one would know that Polly wasn’t a conventional little Victorian lady.  But, as the second picture cheekily hints, when Polly hitches up her over-skirt, her undergarments definitely have a look of steampunk, with bright pink lace points to her petticoat and blue and pink striped pantaloons.


Polly is inspired by patterns from the book: Knitted Pirates, Princesses, Witches, Wizards and Fairies by Annette Hefford

Pegging out the washing makes my Happy Friday

You know that Spring is really here when you can peg out the washing on the line early in the morning and happily leave it to waft in the blossom-filled breeze all day.  Candle makers may seek to emulate that lovely fresh fragrance of newly-laundered linen, but nothing quite compares with the real thing.

With the warmer weather, what all winter has seemed a bit of a washday chore suddenly becomes a real pleasure.


vintage style peg bag sewn from Laura Ashley rubens fabric by handmadebysoo

Once I’ve finished hanging out the washing I’ll be popping over to to see what everyone else is up to.



Yarn Bombing in Fenton

Yarnbombing1 yarnbombing2 yarnbombing3

Residents of our tiny Lincolnshire hamlet have been waking up to a new kind of tree blossoming in their neighbourhood this Spring. The tree in question appears to be sprouting pieces of knitting from its branches and is in fact Fenton’s very first experience of yarn bombing. The woolly installation is a handmadebysoo creation and features random scraps of stripy knitting on colourful plastic needles.

yarnbombing4 yarnbombing5

Our pretty little damson tree didn’t appear to have any real blossom this year, so handmadebysoo decided to pretty it up with some knitted decorations. Who knows? Maybe they will eventually form fruit, or, at the very least, provide some warm shelter for nesting birds.

yarnbombing6 yarnbombing7

handmadebysoo hopes the tree might also inspire more people to join the Fenton Knitting Group.


Blossom and Yarn Festival, Norfolk

handmadebysoo is delighted to help promote the forthcoming ‘Blossom and Yarn’ festival. This promises to be a spectacular event – the largest village event ever held in this area of rural Norfolk. Visiting the six medieval church sites, which lie within a few miles radius of each other, would make a great day out for anyone interested in yarn crafts and flowers.  Enjoy!

B and Y Flyer-page-001

B and Y Flyer-page-002