Yarn Bombing in Fenton

Yarnbombing1 yarnbombing2 yarnbombing3

Residents of our tiny Lincolnshire hamlet have been waking up to a new kind of tree blossoming in their neighbourhood this Spring. The tree in question appears to be sprouting pieces of knitting from its branches and is in fact Fenton’s very first experience of yarn bombing. The woolly installation is a handmadebysoo creation and features random scraps of stripy knitting on colourful plastic needles.

yarnbombing4 yarnbombing5

Our pretty little damson tree didn’t appear to have any real blossom this year, so handmadebysoo decided to pretty it up with some knitted decorations. Who knows? Maybe they will eventually form fruit, or, at the very least, provide some warm shelter for nesting birds.

yarnbombing6 yarnbombing7

handmadebysoo hopes the tree might also inspire more people to join the Fenton Knitting Group.


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