Introducing Polly, the steampunk dolly


On returning to Lincolnshire, handmadebysoo has been inspired by the trend for steampunk, centred around Lincoln.  Visiting her first steam punk convention last summer the idea was born for a new knitted doll, Polly, the steampunk dolly.  Apart from her purple hair and pretty lilac jacket, no one would know that Polly wasn’t a conventional little Victorian lady.  But, as the second picture cheekily hints, when Polly hitches up her over-skirt, her undergarments definitely have a look of steampunk, with bright pink lace points to her petticoat and blue and pink striped pantaloons.


Polly is inspired by patterns from the book: Knitted Pirates, Princesses, Witches, Wizards and Fairies by Annette Hefford

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