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Happy mince pies day, Dad!

We are all off to visit my elderly Dad tomorrow for Father’s Day.  I usually take a cake, but this time he has made a special request.  On midsummer’s day he has decided he fancies some mince pies!  This sent me searching through the kitchen cupboards, and thankfully yes, I still had a jar of mincemeat in stock.  So here are Dad’s mince pies, fresh from the oven.  Enjoy them, Dad and Happy Father’s Day!

mince pies

PS In case you were wondering … I am still knitting.  More knitty news soon!

DeeDee relishes her birthday lunch

Follow this link to watch DeeDee’s birthday video!

Wide awake now and ready for the celebrations to begin, DeeDee ignored her cards and presents and dived straight into her birthday lunch of tuna.  We didn’t even get to light the candle as she cast it aside to get to her favourite treat.

DeeDee's birthday lunch

But, oh dear … someone’s jealous!

Ailbe - jealous

Never mind, Ailbe.  Just six months to go till your birthday!

Happy 18th Birthday, DeeDee!

It’s a very big day for our little cat today as she reaches her 18th birthday.  Having lived with us since she was just a kitten of six weeks old, DeeDee has shared our home over the years with 2 dogs, 4 cats, 3 rabbits and countless guinea-pigs.  But she has always been ‘top dog’.  More pictures to come as DeeDee celebrates her big birthday quietly at home today.  But first, following a hearty birthday breakfast, she thought she’d have a little beauty sleep in the garden.

DeeDee snoozes

DeeDee rests up before her birthday party

Susie’s cushion

Cushion-making got underway at the Fenton Knitting Group tonight.  Susie brought along her piece of wavy crochet.   Initially intended to become a blanket, the piece seemed to have gained stitches along the way and Susie was disappointed with her work.  So we gave the piece a cushion makeover and here’s the result!

Susie's cushion

A cushion workshop?

Today at the Fenton Knitting Group we shall be focusing on knitted cushions.  A couple of our members have WIPs they have rather lost heart with, but instead of pulling down their work we have decided to “re-imagine” their pieces of knitting as cushion covers.  With a little reshaping and sewing together, we’re hoping to create some squashy loveliness to adorn their homes and bring them a little bit of extra comfort for years to come.

Here's one handmadebysoo made earlier!

Here’s one handmadebysoo made earlier!