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My sister joins the Fenton Knitting Group

My sister will be visiting us this Tuesday evening at the Fenton Knitting Group. She’s popping in to The Barn on another quick visit to the UK before she heads back home to Baku.  But the big question is – will she be knitting along with us or will she be sewing more felt?  There’s only one way to find out.  Why not come along and join us?

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Sisters share crafts across continents

My sister continues to create all sorts of decorations from felt at her ladies craft group in Baku.  This has inspired me to have a go.  So using Larissa Holland’s lovely French Hen pattern, some new felt which my sister bought me, along with some bits and pieces from my stash, I’ve made a start.

IMGP8624 IMGP8625

I’ve loved doing all the embroidery on the tiny felt pieces.

The fiddly part comes when you have to assemble everything.  My French hen seems to have rather stumpy legs and her wings are a bit wonky, but on the whole I’m quite pleased with her.  Wonder what my sister (expert felt crafter now!) will make of her.

IMGP8715 (2)

My completed French hen.