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Milly comes to knitting

As part of her unofficial kitten socialisation programme Milly, at the tender age of 10 weeks, has now joined the Fenton Knitting Group as a regular member. She enjoys exploring our knitting bags and checking out people’s feet. She’d also love to run across the table, chasing all those balls of wool, but somehow realises that this may not be allowed.

So instead she takes herself off to enjoy one of her favourite games, finding the marble in Mummy’s Crocs!


Too hot for knitting? Never!

The ladies of the Fenton Knitting Group will be meeting tonight as usual, despite the soaring temperatures. Yes, even in Lincolnshire!

We will be keeping ourselves cool with a glass or two of refreshing handmadebysoo elderflower cordial. There will also be freshly baked scones with handmadebysoo jam (pear from the garden and fruits of the forest gathered during woodland walkies), butter and clotted cream.

And you never know. We may also do a little bit of knitting, sewing, crocheting, chatting …

Why not come along and join us?

summer knitting

Introducing Milly

Milly travelled home with us on Saturday at just 8 weeks and 1 day old. She was a little uncertain about her new home at first, but we are gradually gaining her confidence and she has started playing.

This kitten cannot be seen

This kitten cannot be seen!

A Playstation for …

So instead of getting on with all the projects I currently have on the go at the moment, yesterday I disappeared into the garage in search of chip board, wood, old carpet and string.  I had an idea that I could make a Playstation.  At lunch time I finally emerged, triumphant, with a Playstation fit for … a kitten!

The kitten hasn’t arrived yet, but she has been reserved and will be coming home soon.

Meanwhile her Playstation has pride of place, awaiting her arrival. But somebody’s nose is slightly out of joint!