Limoncello by handmadebysoo

At the Fenton Knitting Group Christmas party my home-made Limoncello proved quite a hit, so I thought I’d share the recipe, which I found online courtesy of the BBC Good Food Guide.

Lay down your lemony vodka for at least a year and don’t forget to chill it in the freezer for 24 hours before serving.

So now you know the secret – so simple and very warming!



The Fenton Knitting Group Christmas Party

This Tuesday will be the Fenton Knitting Group‘s Christmas gathering. There will be tasty nibbles and mulled apple juice and some last minute Christmas crafting. And for those who don’t need to drive there will a chance to sample something very festive and a little stronger from the handmadebysoo cellar.

There will even be some Christmas decorations up at The Barn in time.

New members are welcome to join us.


Country Living Christmas Fair, Harrogate – free ticket available!

The members of the Fenton Knitting Group will be travelling to Harrogate on Sunday 4 December to visit the Country Living Magazine Christmas Fair.

You could join us, completely free!

handmadebysoo has a free ticket to the Harrogate Christmas Fair to give away to any new member of the Fenton Knitting Group who attends a meeting before the end of November.

Simply contact us at for details, attend your first meeting, any Tuesday evening, and the ticket is yours!

Twelfth Night knitting

As Twelfth Night falls on a Tuesday this year and coincides with the first meeting of the Fenton Knitting Group in 2016 we shall be knitting tonight by the Christmas tree.  Time to reflect, perhaps, on all the lovely family time we have enjoyed this holiday and to start planning all those crafty projects we have resolved to complete in the new year.

The cake this evening is by way of a celebration too.  It was Soo’s birthday yesterday (yes, 27 AGAIN!!!) and to mark the occasion she will be sharing her birthday cake.  The recipe is courtesy of Mary Berry.  The cake smells delicious and promises to taste just as good.  Enjoy!

IMGP8886 (2)

Mog’s Christmas

My children may be well into their 20s now, but we will all still share our favourite Christmas story this Christmas Eve – Mog’s Christmas by Judith Kerr.  I’ve found our story tape (yes, we still have a cassette player!) and I’ve also knitted two ‘Mogs’ to join us.

I knitted my ‘Mogs’ by adapting Kath Dalmeny’s Four Knitted Cats pattern.  Find her collection of knitted animal patterns on Ravelry.

Ignoring Black Friday

handmadebysoo has resolved not to spend a single penny this Black Friday.  Why not join me?  So what if you didn’t get one of those stuffed toy cats?  Is it really the end of the world?  Don’t fall into the trap of buying one on-line for a ridiculously inflated price.  Give your loved one something unique and handmade instead.  There’s still plenty of time to get crafting before Christmas.  No need to go spending lots of money either as we all have loads of festive goodies, I’m sure, hidden away in our stash.  I for one am currently knitting a little grey cat for my daughter (Oops! Please don’t tell her and spoil the surprise!)  I’m also spending lots of quality time today with our real-life cat, DeeDee, who has been part of our family now for more than 18 years.  Watch this space for some spectacular photos later!