Christmas distractions #2

You have to love a good jigsaw at Christmas and this one really got me feeling Christmassy right from the very first piece. All your favourite Christmas stories all in one place, leaving you dreaming of snowy white Christmasses past, whilst the knitting, cooking, present wrapping and tree decorating wait quietly in the wings.


Did you have a happy Mother’s Day?

The run up to Mother’s Day was very busy, as usual. Gardening, decorating, dog walking and knitting could quite easily manage to fill my days before I even think of preparing and delivering a single class. And then there’s the ‘day job’, of course!

My son stayed over for a few days, taking a well earned break from his frenetic work schedule. He enjoyed some long muddy walks, relished the stillness and gasped at the freshness of the air.

It was an added bonus that the clocks finally went forward at the weekend, so that at last we can make use of all that extra evening light out in the garden and the greenhouse, where seeds are sprouting everywhere I look.

On Mother’s Day itself I did the usual things mums do: listened to the Archers omnibus, opened cards and presents, enjoyed a slap up roast lunch, courtesy of Mr handmadebysoo, oh and built a scaffolding tower! This was a most unexpected mother-daughter bonding exercise and sooo much fun! It also means that now my one remaining excuse for putting off painting the hall ceiling has disappeared!


Happy mince pies day, Dad!

We are all off to visit my elderly Dad tomorrow for Father’s Day.  I usually take a cake, but this time he has made a special request.  On midsummer’s day he has decided he fancies some mince pies!  This sent me searching through the kitchen cupboards, and thankfully yes, I still had a jar of mincemeat in stock.  So here are Dad’s mince pies, fresh from the oven.  Enjoy them, Dad and Happy Father’s Day!

mince pies

PS In case you were wondering … I am still knitting.  More knitty news soon!

DeeDee relishes her birthday lunch

Follow this link to watch DeeDee’s birthday video!

Wide awake now and ready for the celebrations to begin, DeeDee ignored her cards and presents and dived straight into her birthday lunch of tuna.  We didn’t even get to light the candle as she cast it aside to get to her favourite treat.

DeeDee's birthday lunch

But, oh dear … someone’s jealous!

Ailbe - jealous

Never mind, Ailbe.  Just six months to go till your birthday!

Ailbe graduates, too!

From the grandeur of the lawns at Kings College, Cambridge at our son’s graduation ceremony yesterday to the middle of a muddy Lincolnshire field today, as Ailbe received his certificate and rosette for passing the Kennel Club’s Good Citizen Scheme Puppy Foundation Assessment.  No, he’s not a puppy.  As a rescue dog, we cannot be sure how old he is, but thanks to the lovely trainer, Jane, Ailbe was allowed to join the class as an ‘honorary’ puppy and receive his certificate with the rest.  Considering the horrible start this lovely little dog must have had in life, we are so proud of the progress he is making.  Here he is back home in the garden sporting his rosette.

Ailbe with rosette

Well done, Ailbe!