A chocolate hit

We’ve all been very good since Christmas, so I felt the ladies of the Fenton Knitting Group deserved a little chocolate hit last night in the form of a Chocolate Drizzle Party Cake. The recipe is from the ambitiously titled Best Ever Book of Cakes!

The verdict – chocolatey!

New members always welcome. We’ll just make bigger cakes!

Chocolate cake


Christmas holidays, and then a party (!) for the Fenton Knitting Group

In the very busy run up to Christmas, the ladies of the Fenton Knitting Group have decided to wait until the New Year to celebrate the season together. Our first Knitting Group meeting of 2018 will be on Tuesday, 9 January at 6pm. Ailbe can’t wait!

Until then, wishing all knitters a very happy and knitty Christmas.

Ailbe at Christmas


handmadebysoo at Thorney Christmas Fair

Tomorrow, Saturday 25 November, handmadebysoo and ladies from the Fenton Knitting Group will be joining stall holders at St Helen’s Church for the Thorney Christmas Fair. Please come along and say hello and grab yourself a lovely handmade gift from 2pm to 4pm.



We’re knitting tonight

Following my holiday in Suffolk (more about my holiday knitting soon!) the Fenton Knitting Group will be knitting tonight at the barn as usual. Courtesy of the lovely Mary Berry we will be enjoying a ‘weekend fruit cake’ and this on a Tuesday! Shocking!


Knitting in Suffolk

This evening, instead of knitting along with the lovely ladies of the Fenton Knitting Group, I am, thanks to the wool and haberdashery department of the Winch and Blatch department store in Sudbury, starting a lovely new scarf with some Sirdar Sylvan thick and thin yarn. And where am I knitting? At The Swallow’s Nest in Ilketshall St Margaret, near Bungay in Suffolk.

Whilst in Winch and Blatch I had a lovely chat with some ladies also choosing wool. As always, time and careful consideration were needed to ensure that the correct colour, shade and dye lot were selected for the project they had in mind. After a little humming and hawing a satisfactory decision was reached. The justification given, totally unnecessarily, was that one is allowed a certain amount of dithering once one’s hair has turned white. In that case I am resolved to cease forthwith covering up any signs of white hair. On second thoughts, though, and after further reflection, maybe not!

Ailbe is also enjoying his very first Suffolk holiday with Mummy and Daddy, who are much more regular visitors.

Ailbe on holiday


Do you prefer knitting or dancing in a barn?

There will be no meeting of the Fenton Knitting Group this evening, I’m afraid. Instead of knitting in my own barn I shall be dancing in somebody else’s! It’s all part of the fun of joining the North Hykeham Town Twinning Association.

Normal service will be resumed next week.

Yee haa!