A little Christmas tree

This afternoon we went for a very muddy walk in a local park and came across this decorated tree among the many pines and evergreens.

It seems the local dog walkers have been contributing the odd bauble here and there throughout the festive season.  It really brightened our day.

IMGP5459 IMGP5463



So how’s your Bank Holiday been so far?


On Saturday we decided to face the torrential rain and go as planned to Rochester.  Two attractions were calling us: the shops (me) and a beer festival at The Cooper’s Arms (TLT and me, a little bit!).  We both got soaked, but the beer was good!

On Sunday the weather was, as promised, much better so we headed to the Sandwich Festival.  At the Dog Show we fell in love with a beautiful Gordon Setter bitch and TLT was tempted to rehome two 10 month old kittens.  Poor DeeDee!  If only she knew!

Then we ‘discovered’ the secret gardens at The Salutation.  What a lovely visit!  And we just had to bring home our little friend (picture above).  Our very first dahlia – what a beauty!

We decided to walk out along the Stour to admire the boats and soon found ourselves on a public right of way crossing  the Royal St George’s golf course and came to this sign:

To the sea

Hurrah!  We were on the right track!  After another mile or so we were rewarded with this amazing sight of waves crashing on to the shingle and away in the distance we could make out the White Cliffs.  How lovely!

Sea at Sandwich

The knitting?  I’m making more tea cosies!

Celebrating the solstice

As a confirmed sun worshipper and lover of light, I wanted to share my solstice photo, taken on the balcony, which seems to contain an apple-shaped image of the sun! Enjoy!


Soon it will be summer

Surely the weather will brighten up soon and we will have a few sunny days.  I’m trying so hard to make it summer in the garden.  Here is one of my, so far still very green, flower baskets.  And, yes, they are lined with recycled wool – what else?!

Front trough