Knitting again from 8 January

The Fenton Knitting Group meets for the first time in 2019 tomorrow, 8 January, with a warm welcome to our returning members as well as any new knitters or anyone wanting to learn to knit.

So if you want to get crafty with your needles, Fenton is the place to be on Tuesday evenings.

Although the festive season is officially over once again for another year, our cake this week will be Mary Berry’s Twelfth Night Cake. See for yourself Soo’s very first attempt at ‘posh’ filigree icing. It may not look quite as smart as Mary’s version, but I promise you it will taste good!FKG postcard

My ‘louis’ jacket is complete!

I began to feel as if this project really would go on forever, but, thanks to some nice long Sunday afternoon costume dramas on TV and some very snowy weekends, I managed to sit still long enough to finish my lovely long aran jacket. I made it in homage to Louis from Gogglebox, whose cardigan I have coveted since first I spotted it! Here’s a picture of Louis in his – and me in mine!

Picture from Gogglebox, courtesy of The Sun

Fizzy birthday knitting

One of our Fenton Knitting Group ladies is celebrating a not so very big birthday today. So last night she decided to get the celebrations started early by bringing along a couple of bottles of fizz to knitting. And very welcome they were too alongside the usual tea and cake. We even managed to find a candle for the Victoria sandwich.

Happy Birthday, Susie!


Happy Friday, Mum

People often ask me when I first started knitting.  The answer is that I can’t really remember a time when I didn’t knit.  But I can remember learning.  It was my Mum who taught me.  Mum knitted all the family’s jumpers and cardigans and was never without her needles and wool whenever she got a moment to sit down.  I was fascinated by the colour and the patterns of her work and asked her to show me how to knit.  I was around seven years old.  So that afternoon, just as she had taught me to read, my Mum taught me another life skill that I have continued to enjoy from that moment on.  It was a revelation.  You could really achieve that much just with two basic stitches?  And when you got to the end of the row – no big mystery!  Just turn around and start knitting again.  Later, Mum taught me to sew, from replacing buttons to full blown dressmaking.  By the time I went to secondary school I was making all my own clothes, so, thanks to Mum, I could choose to study ancient Greek at school instead of taking domestic science.  The last project we worked on together was my wedding dress.  My happy Friday moment came today, unexpectedly, when I was looking through my fabric stash and found a remnant of the cream satin we used.  The dress itself is safely packed away in the loft along with my grandmother’s veil, which Mum and I also both wore on our wedding days.  The feel of the fabric transports me back to the counter of Dickins and Jones in Regent Street, where we finally tracked down the fabric we wanted.  We were both so happy and so relieved.  The dress turned out even better than either of us could have imagined.  Thanks, Mum, for all those happy memories. x

Mum 1935 - 1988 on her wedding day

Mum 1935 – 1988
on her wedding day


Happy Friday Button 180px

Reflections on knitting

handmadebysoo is grateful to Mark for finding and sharing the following quotation:
“Knitting is very conducive to thought. It is nice to knit a while, put down the needles, write a while, then take up the sock again.”  – attributed to Dorothy Day

How true this is.  For me, knitting has always been an ‘in between’ activity which weaves its way throughout my day.  I pick up my needles a few minutes here, a few minutes there.  Standing in the kitchen, waiting for a sponge cake to rise, sitting in the car until it’s time to go in to teach, watching a favourite TV programme for an hour, that first sit down after a stressful day, my automatic reaction is always to reach for my knitting.  That’s why you will often come across wool and needles tucked away in the oddest of places.  Time is so precious and there’s always some knitting to be done.

Come and meet handmadebysoo at The Knitting and Stitching Show 2014 – Harrogate

handmadebysoo will be joining lots of other UKHKA volunteers this Friday at the Knitting and Stitching Show in Harrogate.  We will be teaching visitors to knit or crochet.  Why not come along and watch as we create woolly flowers for our PicKnit area?


Details of the show here:

To find out more about UKHKA, follow this link:

See you on Friday!

Casting off for the very last time …

The Aylesford Knitting Group will meet in Soo’s kitchen for the very last time this evening for a real ‘casting off’ as Soo heads north for Lincoln on Friday and lots more knitting in The Barn.

Best wishes everyone and thank you from the very bottom of my knitting stash for all the laughs and gossip and all the things you have taught me about knitting and much more besides!

Soo x

IMGP3512 copy

Watch this space for knitting news from Lincoln, very soon!

Knitting Fun in the Woollen Woods

Download.htmlThe Eden Arts team are working in partnership with the National Trust to create a large-scale outdoor art exhibition, featuring hundreds of woodland themed WOOLLEN artworks! The Woollen Woods exhibition opens on 12th April and they are currently inviting people to submit artworks for it. The exhibition will be installed in a woodland setting in the grounds of Sizergh Castle.

The exhibition aims to raise awareness of ‘The Campaign for Wool’, promote wool craftartists’ workand encourage people to try it for themselves.

Anyone interested in getting involved can find entry details here:

There are some gorgeous patterns and photos of previous knitted artworks on the website.  Here’s just one for you to enjoy!