That moment when your heart sinks …

You’ve chosen the perfect yarn from at least 50 shades available online. You’ve had the adrenalin rush when the parcel arrives and you get to rip open the paper and feel the texture, followed by the tinge of guilt as you realise there is still so much yarn in your stash, but, hey, you’re over that already!

Then you’ve downloaded your chosen Pdf pattern and printed it off, selected your needles, plumped up the cushions in your favourite knitting chair, drawn up an appropriate foot rest (mine tends to be the dog and his bed – so warm!). You’re all ready to begin and then you read …

… cast on 376 stitches! What?!


So here they are – my 376 stitches. And I’m already on row 16. Yay!


handmadebysoo visits The Wool Loft

I can’t believe I left it so long before I visited The Wool Loft in Gainsborough.  But I’m so glad I’ve finally been.  The shop is an Aladdin’s cave of wool.  I went along with a specific project in mind ( a cardigan in a neutral colour) and, with lots of help from Liz, found the perfect yarn and pattern.  I couldn’t resist getting started straight away.  It’s so rare I buy myself new wool as I’m always trying to think up new projects to work through my stash of yarns.  How’s the project going?  It’s knitting up a treat.   I started it a couple of weeks ago now.  Then I did a little bit more on the train down to London yesterday.  The back is complete and I’ve started knitting the two fronts together – it saves thinking about all the shaping twice, plus you have the impression that your project is nearing completion that much quicker.  I also knit both sleeves at the same time.


So, thank you, Liz and your lovely shop!

Wobbly Wednesday is coming soon

Wobbly Wednesday

Wobbly Wednesday 4 November 2015

handmadebysoo is knitting lots of wobbly jelly babies using the pattern from Jean Greenhowe’s Little Gift Dolls to help raise awareness of nystagmus ahead of Wobbly Wednesday on 4 November.

Nystagmus, also known as Wobbly Eyes, is a complex condition where the eyes move involuntarily. This makes it harder to see. Few people with nystagmus drive and most face difficulties in everyday life.

Every year hundreds of children are born with nystagmus, often with no known family history. Adults can develop nystagmus too, due to accidents or illnesses like stroke or MS.

Nystagmus Network funds research into nystagmus, provides information and support, raises awareness and educates people about the daily impact of nystagmus.

Find out more, here:

Introducing Polly, the steampunk dolly


On returning to Lincolnshire, handmadebysoo has been inspired by the trend for steampunk, centred around Lincoln.  Visiting her first steam punk convention last summer the idea was born for a new knitted doll, Polly, the steampunk dolly.  Apart from her purple hair and pretty lilac jacket, no one would know that Polly wasn’t a conventional little Victorian lady.  But, as the second picture cheekily hints, when Polly hitches up her over-skirt, her undergarments definitely have a look of steampunk, with bright pink lace points to her petticoat and blue and pink striped pantaloons.


Polly is inspired by patterns from the book: Knitted Pirates, Princesses, Witches, Wizards and Fairies by Annette Hefford

Knitwear model, Ailbe, launches his career

On a perfect Spring day, Ailbe has decided it’s time for the world to see what a fabulous knitwear model he is.  Posing in the garden, wearing his handmadebysoo made-to-measure chunky rib knit polo neck doggie jumper, we think he looks as good as any top model on the catwalk.  He even seems to have perfected that gaze into the middle distance so favoured by knitting pattern models –  or was that just a cheeky chirpy sparrow on the roof that caught his attention?!

Ailbe models his jumper   Ailbe knitwear model   Ailbe jumper 1

And in case anyone is concerned about the practicalities of a dog wearing a jumper, Ailbe is happy to oblige with a sporty action shot!

Ailbe in flight 2

Good boy!

Pattern adapted from Side Button Greyhound Sweater: Copywright 2008 Terri Lea Royea.  April 2009 version available from


Brrr, it’s still cold outside



It’s back to knitting again this week at handmadebysoo-towers and I’m getting to grips with Ailbe’s jumper.  He tried it on for the first time today and was very curious to see what on earth it was that Mummy was making for him.  There’s a little way to go yet adjusting the size until it fits perfectly.  Ailbe has a very long settery body which needs to be kept warm.  But when I pulled the polo neck over his head he smiled with pride as if to say ‘just my colour’!  I can’t wait to see him in the finished item.  He’ll cut quite a dash, I’m sure.  Sorry – no sneaky peaks until then.  Instead here’s a photo of the boy himself, sans jumper.  Meanwhile I’m just popping over now to Planet Penny for more Friday smiles.Happy Friday Button 180px

Oh, Ailbe!

I was planning a relaxing hour with my knitting, but Ailbe beat me to it.  At least it proves that the aran cable throw I’m currently knitting is going to be nice and comfy.


I’m knitting the throw with two strands of aran weight yarn on 5.5mm circular needles.  There’s a garter stitch edging with cables alternately every ten rows.  I’m looking forward to finishing it, when Ailbe wakes from his nap!