Secret Santa knitting

It’s the same every year.  I spend my whole time knitting this and that and then suddenly it’s December and all those lovely things I’ve thought of knitting for people as Christmas gifts suddenly come to mind.  Then it’s one mad knitting dash till Christmas eve.  I have been known to be sitting up late on Christmas eve, still finishing off a knitted jumper or scarf.  The sensible thing would be to START EARLIER!  But who wants to be sensible?  And who wants to be knitting Christmas jumpers in February?!

This year my Christmas knitting has consisted mainly of lovely soft chunky beanie hats.  They were quick and easy to do and made great use of some amazing wool remnants I had in my stash.  Just about everyone I know will be finding one in their Christmas stocking.  Let’s hope we get some nice frosty weather so the hats get a good road testing.

Here’s one I made for myself!  Great for dog walking.  Happy Christmas x




Completed ‘honeymoon’ makes

The ‘honeymoon’ bed runner was hand placed and quilted from vintage upholstery fabric swatches, Laura Ashley scraps from the stash and a little modern gingham, embellished, as usual, using a collection of vintage mismatched buttons.

The completed bed runner

The completed bed runner

Also on the bed are a couple of cushions, crocheted from scraps of colour coordinating yarn.  Just a couple of giant granny squares, crocheted together to form the frill.

Crochet cushions

Crochet cushions

Then it was time for handmadebysoo to try a little ‘up-cycling’, adding a modern Laura Ashley hydrangea fabric cover to a vintage Lloyd Loom style linen box.  There was no need to do anything to the original paint finish.  Even the braiding was saved and re-used.

The linen box

The linen box

And finally, it was time for a little fun!

Knitted kittens

Knitted kittens

Referring to an old favourite pattern for knitted cats ( handmadebysoo knitted these three woolly kittens as a finishing touch to amuse the honeymoon couple.

First handmadebysoo makes at The Barn

Following our big move to Lincoln from Kent, we have been very busy unpacking countless boxes.  With just a few remaining and our minds beginning to turn, already, to decorating, it was time to get out the sewing machine and run up a few new cushions for the garden.  The colour scheme was chosen to match our bright red new garden parasol.  All the fabrics are from my remnant stash and include, as ever, vintage upholstery fabric samples, Laura Ashley swatches and, on this occasion, some lovely soft vintage cotton sheets found in a Lincoln charity shop.  Sold as ‘dust sheets’ at just £1 each, I decided they were worthy of a much more crafty use!

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Lincoln or Aylesford?

There is a rumour, with some foundation in truth, it has to be said, that handmadebysoo will shortly be relocating to Lincoln.  Travelling back from Lincoln to Aylesford this afternoon by train handmadebysoo was crocheting granny squares, natch (!) which led to a lovely conversation with a complete stranger, but fellow knitter, so therefore already a friend, about the best way to use up the stash before the husband becomes too aware of it.  It seems that knitting (and crochet) do indeed help break through the great North/South divide.  Mr handmadebysoo is already concerned that the Aylesford stash is going to need its very own pantechnicon to make its way up to Lincoln in a couple of weeks’ time. How many granny squares could humanly be created between now and then to avoid this prophecy coming true?  The answer is, not that many considering there is the rest of the house to pack up, too, not just the knitting wool!

Never mind, normal business continues amid the chaos of our impending move up north and the Aylesford Knitting Group will be meeting tomorrow, Tuesday, as usual.  Here’s a lovely photo of DeeDee taken by our Japanese visitor.  It was a rare moment of posing on DeeDee’s part as she usually runs towards anyone showing her the slightest attention (some would call this tarty behaviour, but we could not possibly pass on such a derogatory remark about such an elderly and revered ‘lady’!) which kind of spoils any photo opportunities.


My summer holiday ‘knitting’ project

I needed a project that was easy to carry around as we travelled this summer.  We started off in Lincolnshire with my Dad, then headed north to Corbridge to stay with friends.  As we travelled across to the Lake District I was still working away at my project, but I was careful not to miss any of the amazing scenery along the way.

And what was I ‘knitting’?  Well, I’m afraid I wasn’t knitting anything at all! I was crocheting yet another granny square blanket.  This time in autumnal shades.  When we arrived home I had a bag full of 81 squares all ready to be crocheted together.  I’ve made a small start …


The age old conundrum, knitting or crochet?  Well, as a relative crochet newbie I’d have to say that crochet is certainly so much more portable!