Vintage knitwear you just can’t let go?

I’ve been turning out my cupboards and came across some much loved vintage pullovers.  When the children were small and time was short, I tended to buy ready made knitwear.  These examples are a complete give-away of their era and the owner’s love of quality knitting and design.  I’m really not sure that I’ll ever wear these lovely pullovers again, so maybe it’s time to say goodbye and pass them on to someone knew to appreciate them.  So what shall I do?  List them on eBay or hang on to them?

IMGP5700  IMGP5701  IMGP5703

This was such a summer favourite of mine.  From Next, made from a strong cotton mix yarn, it was so easy to wear with a pair of jeans and, after a picnic or a fun day out at the seaside, just throw into the washing machine.  I loved the design so much I actually knitted the children a mini me version each.

IMGP5698   IMGP5699

This one is vintage Marks and Spencer knitwear, in more muted autumnal shades.  The same wear-ability, perfect for a young mum dealing with sticky fingers!

IMGP5696  IMGP5697  IMGP5704

And finally … vintage Marks and Sparks again, a real picture knit.  Somehow I just can’t find it in myself to part with this one.  The colours are so perfect and the fabric has a silky feel.  One more outing this summer, perhaps?