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Happy Birthday, Marie!

What do you give the woman who has everything for her 50th birthday? That’s easy! You knit her a Jean Greenhowe clown, holding a paint brush and a tube of paint to represent her love of art. Then you knit a string of bunting, which reads ‘Happy Birthday, Marie’ and wind it around his hat.

Fizzy birthday knitting

One of our Fenton Knitting Group ladies is celebrating a not so very big birthday today. So last night she decided to get the celebrations started early by bringing along a couple of bottles of fizz to knitting. And very welcome they were too alongside the usual tea and cake. We even managed to find a candle for the Victoria sandwich.

Happy Birthday, Susie!


DeeDee relishes her birthday lunch

Follow this link to watch DeeDee’s birthday video!


Wide awake now and ready for the celebrations to begin, DeeDee ignored her cards and presents and dived straight into her birthday lunch of tuna.  We didn’t even get to light the candle as she cast it aside to get to her favourite treat.

DeeDee's birthday lunch

But, oh dear … someone’s jealous!

Ailbe - jealous

Never mind, Ailbe.  Just six months to go till your birthday!

Happy Birthday to me

I’m spending the weekend with my lovely husband in a cosy Suffolk cottage. Early January is a horrible time to have your birthday, but I’m having an absolutely fabulous time.  I even brought along 3 knitting projects.  Not sure I’ll actually get much knitting done, but the thought was there!