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And this is the reason for the lack of knitting …

Milly selfie

… a little angel on my shoulder.

Darling Milly, now 13 weeks old, has decided that her favourite place in the whole world is sitting on Mummy’s shoulder, purring contentedly into her ear. It’s very hard to knit, or do anything very much, in that position. But it is adorable!

A Playstation for …

So instead of getting on with all the projects I currently have on the go at the moment, yesterday I disappeared into the garage in search of chip board, wood, old carpet and string.  I had an idea that I could make a Playstation.  At lunch time I finally emerged, triumphant, with a Playstation fit for … a kitten!

The kitten hasn’t arrived yet, but she has been reserved and will be coming home soon.

Meanwhile her Playstation has pride of place, awaiting her arrival. But somebody’s nose is slightly out of joint!

‘Bye ‘bye, DeeDee

For the first time in a very long time there is no one purring in the house.  DeeDee, who came to live with us when she was just six weeks old, is now forever snoozing in her favourite sunny spot in the garden and in our hearts.

Good girl, DeeDee – 12. 06. 97 to 23. 05. 16

Ignoring Black Friday

handmadebysoo has resolved not to spend a single penny this Black Friday.  Why not join me?  So what if you didn’t get one of those stuffed toy cats?  Is it really the end of the world?  Don’t fall into the trap of buying one on-line for a ridiculously inflated price.  Give your loved one something unique and handmade instead.  There’s still plenty of time to get crafting before Christmas.  No need to go spending lots of money either as we all have loads of festive goodies, I’m sure, hidden away in our stash.  I for one am currently knitting a little grey cat for my daughter (Oops! Please don’t tell her and spoil the surprise!)  I’m also spending lots of quality time today with our real-life cat, DeeDee, who has been part of our family now for more than 18 years.  Watch this space for some spectacular photos later!

Fenton Knitting Group welcomes a very special guest

On Tuesday evening members of the Fenton Knitting Group welcomed a very special guest indeed.  B had travelled all the way from Kent to stay with handmadebysoo.  A regular member of the Aylesford Knitting Group, which closed when Soo relocated to Lincolnshire, B  joined us at The Barn for one night only to share with us the joy of knitting.  Soo said: “I was so excited that B was coming to visit and especially that she was able to join us at the Fenton Knitting Group.  It was just like old times!”  The FKG’s living mascot, DeeDee, was also eagerly anticipating B’s arrival.  But first, she had a spot of gardening to do.  Don’t forget to plant catnip, DeeDee!

DeeDee contemplates her herbs

DeeDee contemplates her herbs

DeeDee relishes her birthday lunch

Follow this link to watch DeeDee’s birthday video!


Wide awake now and ready for the celebrations to begin, DeeDee ignored her cards and presents and dived straight into her birthday lunch of tuna.  We didn’t even get to light the candle as she cast it aside to get to her favourite treat.

DeeDee's birthday lunch

But, oh dear … someone’s jealous!

Ailbe - jealous

Never mind, Ailbe.  Just six months to go till your birthday!

Knitter in residence – available now!

A friend is currently trawling job sites to find a new career opportunity and came across an ad for any knitter’s dream job – knitter in residence.  Imagine being able to spend the whole day knitting, teaching people how to knit or helping them get to grips with their knitty problems?  Well, it certainly sounds like the ideal job to me.   Where do I apply?

But, wait a minute, isn’t that pretty much what I already do … ?!

knitted kittens by handmadebysoo