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Following the Jean Greenhowe knitted nativity patterns, I created a handmadebysoo version of the ‘knitivity’ scene, which Anne has gifted to her great nieces for Christmas. Anne was kind enough to make a donation for the set to my favourite charity, the Nystagmus Network.


First project of 2018 complete!

OK, so this is actually a big cheat, but I’m so pleased that I have finally finished knitting my 2017 Christmas cardigan.

I used Sparklz yarn, doubled, and adapted the Mirasol Tuhu Cardigan pattern by Jane Ellison, making my button, button hole band and neck wider. As this is self striping yarn, I didn’t follow the stripe part of the pattern, but I really wanted my ‘random’ stripes to match up and I think I almost achieved that, with a bit of swapping around of skeins.

Doubling the Sparklz yarn, which is supposed to be DK weight, for what is after all a DK pattern, was a bit of a risk, but the first trial, with only single yarn, was disappointingly thin, so had to be frogged and restarted. Luckily, I had enough yarn to finish it and I really like the ‘chunky’ look of the finished cardigan.

So, although it isn’t Christmas any more, I might be wearing my cosy new cardi with its cheery sparkles just once or twice more this winter.

Sparklz jumper

The Fenton Knitting Group Christmas Party

This Tuesday will be the Fenton Knitting Group‘s Christmas gathering. There will be tasty nibbles and mulled apple juice and some last minute Christmas crafting. And for those who don’t need to drive there will a chance to sample something very festive and a little stronger from the handmadebysoo cellar.

There will even be some Christmas decorations up at The Barn in time.

New members are welcome to join us.


My happy Friday moment with Ailbe!

Since our big move northwards to Lincolnshire from Kent we’ve been gradually adjusting to a new way of life.  The house needs lots of work, but is beginning to feel like home, particularly as we had lots of space for the children and their partners to come home for Christmas.  I always dread the post-Christmas blues and that awful empty-nest feeling when everyone has left and the decorations have to come down.  But this year is different.  On 30 November we brought home Ailbe, our rescue Irish red and white Setter.  He was skinny and shy, with a poorly leg, but how he has blossomed already.

On twelfth night, with a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye I was busy unwinding the fairy lights from the stairs, thinking back on all the laughs we had over the Christmas holidays and wondering when next we would all be together again, when I looked down into the hall and saw this gorgeous face ‘smiling’ up at me.

Ailbe sit!

With Ailbe, every day is a happy day.  I just need to teach him to respect my knitting!

Secret Santa knitting

It’s the same every year.  I spend my whole time knitting this and that and then suddenly it’s December and all those lovely things I’ve thought of knitting for people as Christmas gifts suddenly come to mind.  Then it’s one mad knitting dash till Christmas eve.  I have been known to be sitting up late on Christmas eve, still finishing off a knitted jumper or scarf.  The sensible thing would be to START EARLIER!  But who wants to be sensible?  And who wants to be knitting Christmas jumpers in February?!

This year my Christmas knitting has consisted mainly of lovely soft chunky beanie hats.  They were quick and easy to do and made great use of some amazing wool remnants I had in my stash.  Just about everyone I know will be finding one in their Christmas stocking.  Let’s hope we get some nice frosty weather so the hats get a good road testing.

Here’s one I made for myself!  Great for dog walking.  Happy Christmas x




The Fenton Knitting Group Christmas Party

There will be mulled wine and mince pies this evening – real ones you can actually eat, rather than the knitted variety! – at the Fenton Knitting Group Christmas Party.  Everyone is welcome to come along, on Tuesday 16th December between 6pm and 7.30pm, to see what we’ve been making and maybe think about joining us for crafty fun, gossip and cake in 2015.

Knitted mince pies

Knitted mince pies

For details of the Fenton Knitting Group, please contact us by email: enquiries@handmadebysoo.co.uk


Aylesford Knitting Group Christmas Party

A knitted Christmas wreath

A knitted Christmas wreath

I’m busy today putting the finishing touches to the Christmas decorations, as it’s the Aylesford Knitting Group’s Christmas party this evening.  This jolly knitted Christmas wreath will take pride of place on the front door, so everyone knows they have the right house.

The mince pies are warming, the (home-made) limoncello is cooling.

Let the festivities begin!