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Knitwear model, Ailbe, launches his career

On a perfect Spring day, Ailbe has decided it’s time for the world to see what a fabulous knitwear model he is.  Posing in the garden, wearing his handmadebysoo made-to-measure chunky rib knit polo neck doggie jumper, we think he looks as good as any top model on the catwalk.  He even seems to have perfected that gaze into the middle distance so favoured by knitting pattern models –  or was that just a cheeky chirpy sparrow on the roof that caught his attention?!

Ailbe models his jumper   Ailbe knitwear model   Ailbe jumper 1

And in case anyone is concerned about the practicalities of a dog wearing a jumper, Ailbe is happy to oblige with a sporty action shot!

Ailbe in flight 2

Good boy!

Pattern adapted from Side Button Greyhound Sweater: Copywright 2008 Terri Lea Royea.  April 2009 version available from http://www.royea.net/side_button_greyhound_sweater.pdf