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Why not try the double knitting technique?

Ideal for making lovely warm scarves with two different coloured yarns and no ‘wrong’ side, I finally got to grips with the double knitting technique.  Basically, you cast on twice the number of stitches you need for the width of your scarf and then work alternate stitches in each of the two yarns you’re using.  There’s a lot of switching your yarn backwards and forwards involved, too.   I admit it took a little practice and I’m still not completely happy with my results, but I’m going to pursue the technique.  It’s so great to try something new.    My progress is very slow at present, but that’s because you are knitting two sides at once.   Please excuse my rather bright colour scheme, but I wanted to be sure that I could see what I was doing!

IMGP5743 IMGP5744 IMGP5745  IMGP5747