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Wool swap!

With thanks to Gill and her kind donation of some lovely yarn, the ladies of the Fenton Knitting Group enjoyed another great wool swap this week.

In honour of Gill and her fundraising endeavours, we have donated our subs this week to her Justgiving page.

Don’t worry, B, we have saved some wool for you!

wool swap

We also enjoyed a slice of Mr handmadebysoo’s birthday cake with our tea!

Milly comes to knitting

As part of her unofficial kitten socialisation programme Milly, at the tender age of 10 weeks, has now joined the Fenton Knitting Group as a regular member. She enjoys exploring our knitting bags and checking out people’s feet. She’d also love to run across the table, chasing all those balls of wool, but somehow realises that this may not be allowed.

So instead she takes herself off to enjoy one of her favourite games, finding the marble in Mummy’s Crocs!


Too hot for knitting? Never!

The ladies of the Fenton Knitting Group will be meeting tonight as usual, despite the soaring temperatures. Yes, even in Lincolnshire!

We will be keeping ourselves cool with a glass or two of refreshing handmadebysoo elderflower cordial. There will also be freshly baked scones with handmadebysoo jam (pear from the garden and fruits of the forest gathered during woodland walkies), butter and clotted cream.

And you never know. We may also do a little bit of knitting, sewing, crocheting, chatting …

Why not come along and join us?

summer knitting

Kettlethorpe Village Hall Craft Stalls

handmadebysoo will be joining local crafters tomorrow (Saturday) for the Kettlethorpe Craft Fair and Tea Party at the village hall from 1pm to 5pm.  On the handmadebysoo stall you will find lots of vintage haberdashery goodies, crafting books, knitting needles, DPNs, buttons and bits and bobs as well as homewares hand made from vintage fabrics and knitted novelties.  There will also be an opportunity to find out all about the Fenton Knitting Group.  So please join us for a slice of cake and a cuppa and lots of fabulous crafty browsing.

Knitting needles

Wot? No knitting?!

Just a reminder that the Fenton Knitting Group will not be meeting this evening, as previously notified to members, as Soo has to attend a tutor training session elsewhere.

So, sorry, ladies no cake and no gossip this evening, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get on with your crafting!  Meanwhile, Ailbe will be enjoying a little snooze!

IMGP8305 (2)

And don’t forget, ladies, it’s our one year anniversary dinner next week!

Fenton Knitting Group welcomes a very special guest

On Tuesday evening members of the Fenton Knitting Group welcomed a very special guest indeed.  B had travelled all the way from Kent to stay with handmadebysoo.  A regular member of the Aylesford Knitting Group, which closed when Soo relocated to Lincolnshire, B  joined us at The Barn for one night only to share with us the joy of knitting.  Soo said: “I was so excited that B was coming to visit and especially that she was able to join us at the Fenton Knitting Group.  It was just like old times!”  The FKG’s living mascot, DeeDee, was also eagerly anticipating B’s arrival.  But first, she had a spot of gardening to do.  Don’t forget to plant catnip, DeeDee!

DeeDee contemplates her herbs

DeeDee contemplates her herbs

New knitters and stitchers always welcome

We’re a very friendly bunch here at the Fenton Knitting Group and we always welcome new members.  So whether you’re a top notch knitter, a complete beginner or would like some help with improving your skills, or even if crochet or sewing is more your thing, why not come along to The Barn any Tuesday evening and join us for a piece of delicious cake, a cup of tea and lots of laughter and gossip!

FKG postcard

The Aylesford Knitting Group is sadly no more


Thank you to all those lovely people who are still enquiring about the Aylesford Knitting Group over a year after we closed.  I’m so sorry to disappoint you.  I have done my best to update every listing I can with details of my new knitting group in Fenton, Lincoln.  You can find the full details here: https://handmadebysoo.wordpress.com/the-aylesford-knitting-group/ or email me at enquiries@handmadebysoo.co.uk

The Aylesford Knitting Group closed last May (read all about it, here: https://handmadebysoo.wordpress.com/category/the-aylesford-knitting-group/) ahead of my relocation to Lincolnshire, where I am happily settled and enjoying knitting with new friends here at The Barn every Tuesday evening.

Please keep knitting.  Why not come up to Lincolnshire and join us here?  It’s a wonderful county with so much to recommend it, not least our lovely Lincolnshire long wool sheep!

Susie’s cushion

Cushion-making got underway at the Fenton Knitting Group tonight.  Susie brought along her piece of wavy crochet.   Initially intended to become a blanket, the piece seemed to have gained stitches along the way and Susie was disappointed with her work.  So we gave the piece a cushion makeover and here’s the result!

Susie's cushion