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The Trumpkin awaits

Halloween is a fairly big occasion in Fenton, so it’s fun to join in with a display. We have chocolate eye balls and other ghoulish treats all ready for the trick or treaters. The trumpkin carving went quite well and at handmadebysoo towers we managed to work in quite a lot of wool, too!

In memory of Meka.

Happy Halloween from handmadebysoo

witch for Halloween

The pumpkin has been carved and we enjoyed delicious home-made pumpkin soup for supper last night (don’t ask for the recipe as I basically just threw in anything I could find in the fridge, including some mozzarella, and some herbs from the garden – how very witchy!)  A string of knitted smiley pumpkins and spooky ghosts is hanging at the front window and my tiny knitted witch (courtesy of a Jean Greenhowe pattern) is standing ready for the trick or treaters.