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Wot? No knitting?!

Just a reminder that the Fenton Knitting Group will not be meeting this evening, as previously notified to members, as Soo has to attend a tutor training session elsewhere.

So, sorry, ladies no cake and no gossip this evening, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get on with your crafting!  Meanwhile, Ailbe will be enjoying a little snooze!

IMGP8305 (2)

And don’t forget, ladies, it’s our one year anniversary dinner next week!

Introducing … Doody-doo

Ailbe loves soft toys.  It’s part of his morning routine to bring them through from his bedroom to start their day with us. It gives me an excuse to visit lots of charity shops, on the pretext of finding him a ‘new’ teddy to love.  He’s taken to rooting in my bag when I come home, to see if any new little friends are lurking.  I’ve learnt not to keep my woolly hat in my bag, after it was once mistaken for a toy.  Today, though, I remembered I had some fur fabric in my stash.  It’s left over from my school days, so I guess that makes it vintage!  Back then I made a teddy for my new baby cousin.  But now the remaining fluffy material has been transformed into a supply of Doody-doos, for Ailbe to play with and love.  Each Doody-doo has a cheeky face, made from felt scraps, some have a squeaker, and, the best thing is – they have no stuffing.  So when Ailbe gets a-chewing, the carpet won’t be covered in white wadding.

Ailbe's new toy - Doody-doo

Ailbe’s new toy – Doody-doo

Please remember to watch your dog when he’s playing with toys, in case of accidents or choking.

Ailbe graduates, too!

From the grandeur of the lawns at Kings College, Cambridge at our son’s graduation ceremony yesterday to the middle of a muddy Lincolnshire field today, as Ailbe received his certificate and rosette for passing the Kennel Club’s Good Citizen Scheme Puppy Foundation Assessment.  No, he’s not a puppy.  As a rescue dog, we cannot be sure how old he is, but thanks to the lovely trainer, Jane, Ailbe was allowed to join the class as an ‘honorary’ puppy and receive his certificate with the rest.  Considering the horrible start this lovely little dog must have had in life, we are so proud of the progress he is making.  Here he is back home in the garden sporting his rosette.

Ailbe with rosette

Well done, Ailbe!

Knitwear model, Ailbe, launches his career

On a perfect Spring day, Ailbe has decided it’s time for the world to see what a fabulous knitwear model he is.  Posing in the garden, wearing his handmadebysoo made-to-measure chunky rib knit polo neck doggie jumper, we think he looks as good as any top model on the catwalk.  He even seems to have perfected that gaze into the middle distance so favoured by knitting pattern models –  or was that just a cheeky chirpy sparrow on the roof that caught his attention?!

Ailbe models his jumper   Ailbe knitwear model   Ailbe jumper 1

And in case anyone is concerned about the practicalities of a dog wearing a jumper, Ailbe is happy to oblige with a sporty action shot!

Ailbe in flight 2

Good boy!

Pattern adapted from Side Button Greyhound Sweater: Copywright 2008 Terri Lea Royea.  April 2009 version available from http://www.royea.net/side_button_greyhound_sweater.pdf


My happy Friday moment with Ailbe!

Since our big move northwards to Lincolnshire from Kent we’ve been gradually adjusting to a new way of life.  The house needs lots of work, but is beginning to feel like home, particularly as we had lots of space for the children and their partners to come home for Christmas.  I always dread the post-Christmas blues and that awful empty-nest feeling when everyone has left and the decorations have to come down.  But this year is different.  On 30 November we brought home Ailbe, our rescue Irish red and white Setter.  He was skinny and shy, with a poorly leg, but how he has blossomed already.

On twelfth night, with a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye I was busy unwinding the fairy lights from the stairs, thinking back on all the laughs we had over the Christmas holidays and wondering when next we would all be together again, when I looked down into the hall and saw this gorgeous face ‘smiling’ up at me.

Ailbe sit!

With Ailbe, every day is a happy day.  I just need to teach him to respect my knitting!