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Farewell, January


Being a summer type of person, I have never really liked January.  All those cold dark nights and the flat feeling that Christmas is over for another year, with spring still a long way off.  It’s even worse that in January  I get to be another year older, although inside my head I am still 27!

So this year I stitched this little celebration to mark the passing of the winter months and gave it to M whose birthday also falls in January.  DeeDee and Ailbe feature along with some seasonal flowers, a snowflake and some champagne to cheer us all.

During our snowy walk this morning, on this last day of January, Ailbe decided that, unlike Julie Andrews, snowflakes on his eye-lashes are definitely not one of his favourite things.

Happy Birthday to me

I’m spending the weekend with my lovely husband in a cosy Suffolk cottage. Early January is a horrible time to have your birthday, but I’m having an absolutely fabulous time.  I even brought along 3 knitting projects.  Not sure I’ll actually get much knitting done, but the thought was there!