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The life-sized seagull is complete!

Sea gull

I finished knitting J’s seagull today and now he stands proudly, preparing to call to his friends.  Mercifully, he is much quieter than the gulls outside.  I love his beady eyes, made from the tiniest vintage buttons, but for me the best part has to be his knobbly knees!

The little seagull finds some ‘human’ company!

I was worried that my little seagull would be lonely, so I went back to my Jean Greenhowe pattern book.  I converted some little cavemen into tiny bathers and set them swimming in the sea!
Some happy bathers to keep my seagull company.


Have you guessed, yet, what the final project is going to be?

A lonely little seagull

A friend asked me to knit her a seagull. She meant a life size bird, of course. But I remembered I had an old Jean Greenhowe pattern book and felt sure there was a seagull in there somewhere. Sure enough, there was! So I knitted the gull just for fun. He’s tiny, but he can fly! Here he is!


I’ll be knitting the big seagull soon!