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Thank you, Elizabeth

We are so grateful to Elizabeth for showing us how to use our Brother knitting machine at the Fenton Knitting Group meeting last night.  Although nothing can ever replace the satisfaction of hand knitting, I’m sure we shall have hours of fun ‘speed knitting’ once we have our new sponge bar in place.

FKG members and their 'Brother'

FKG members and their ‘Brother’

Oh Brother!

This week at the Fenton Knitting Group we shall be joined by Elizabeth who has kindly offered to give us a tutorial on the vintage Brother Electroknit 950i knitting machine we were gifted a while ago.  Until now, although curious to give it a try, we have been too nervous even to assemble the machine – it’s all a bit complicated – but we hope that, with Elizabeth’s help, we will soon be whizzing along.  Whether we all suddenly become converts to machine knitting rather than ‘real’ hand knitting is another question!

knitting machine

To find out more about the Fenton Knitting Group, please email: enquiries@handmadebysoo.co.uk P.S.  Our cake this week is ‘lemon drizzle’ – yum!