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The Aylesford Knitting Group is sadly no more


Thank you to all those lovely people who are still enquiring about the Aylesford Knitting Group over a year after we closed.  I’m so sorry to disappoint you.  I have done my best to update every listing I can with details of my new knitting group in Fenton, Lincoln.  You can find the full details here: https://handmadebysoo.wordpress.com/the-aylesford-knitting-group/ or email me at enquiries@handmadebysoo.co.uk

The Aylesford Knitting Group closed last May (read all about it, here: https://handmadebysoo.wordpress.com/category/the-aylesford-knitting-group/) ahead of my relocation to Lincolnshire, where I am happily settled and enjoying knitting with new friends here at The Barn every Tuesday evening.

Please keep knitting.  Why not come up to Lincolnshire and join us here?  It’s a wonderful county with so much to recommend it, not least our lovely Lincolnshire long wool sheep!

My happy Friday moment with Ailbe!

Since our big move northwards to Lincolnshire from Kent we’ve been gradually adjusting to a new way of life.  The house needs lots of work, but is beginning to feel like home, particularly as we had lots of space for the children and their partners to come home for Christmas.  I always dread the post-Christmas blues and that awful empty-nest feeling when everyone has left and the decorations have to come down.  But this year is different.  On 30 November we brought home Ailbe, our rescue Irish red and white Setter.  He was skinny and shy, with a poorly leg, but how he has blossomed already.

On twelfth night, with a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye I was busy unwinding the fairy lights from the stairs, thinking back on all the laughs we had over the Christmas holidays and wondering when next we would all be together again, when I looked down into the hall and saw this gorgeous face ‘smiling’ up at me.

Ailbe sit!

With Ailbe, every day is a happy day.  I just need to teach him to respect my knitting!

Mary takes up knitting!

Moving to Lincolnshire has meant that I can keep a closer eye on Dad, and also that I have the perfect excuse to spend lots more time with the very beautiful Mary.  She is beginning to show a much greater interest in my stitching and yesterday, quite spectacularly, ran away with my knitting, leaving an entire ball of wool unravelled in her wake.  As a retired greyhound, Mary is still very fast on her feet and Dad was quite shocked to see yards and yards of green wool passing before his eyes on its way out to the lawn.  Thankfully, the wool was rescued and has now been knitted up, sorry, Mary, into a little green kitten.

Mary and me

Mary relaxes after an energetic afternoon’s ‘knitting’

wolly kittens

The woolly green kitten and friends

My summer holiday ‘knitting’ project

I needed a project that was easy to carry around as we travelled this summer.  We started off in Lincolnshire with my Dad, then headed north to Corbridge to stay with friends.  As we travelled across to the Lake District I was still working away at my project, but I was careful not to miss any of the amazing scenery along the way.

And what was I ‘knitting’?  Well, I’m afraid I wasn’t knitting anything at all! I was crocheting yet another granny square blanket.  This time in autumnal shades.  When we arrived home I had a bag full of 81 squares all ready to be crocheted together.  I’ve made a small start …


The age old conundrum, knitting or crochet?  Well, as a relative crochet newbie I’d have to say that crochet is certainly so much more portable!