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Yarn Shop Day

Tomorrow is Yarn Shop Day, the day when knitters everywhere celebrate their favourite local wool shop. The ladies of the Fenton Knitting Group will be visiting The Wool Loft in Gainsborough. Small, but beautifully formed and absolutely jam packed with gorgeous yarns of every colour and type, The Wool Loft is a true hidden treasure and Liz is a fount of all yarny knowledge. Why not join us?

The Lincoln Imp came along, too!

imp at the castle

Pattern courtesy of Georgina Manvell at The Old Toy Knitting Shop

handmadebysoo visits The Wool Loft

I can’t believe I left it so long before I visited The Wool Loft in Gainsborough.  But I’m so glad I’ve finally been.  The shop is an Aladdin’s cave of wool.  I went along with a specific project in mind ( a cardigan in a neutral colour) and, with lots of help from Liz, found the perfect yarn and pattern.  I couldn’t resist getting started straight away.  It’s so rare I buy myself new wool as I’m always trying to think up new projects to work through my stash of yarns.  How’s the project going?  It’s knitting up a treat.   I started it a couple of weeks ago now.  Then I did a little bit more on the train down to London yesterday.  The back is complete and I’ve started knitting the two fronts together – it saves thinking about all the shaping twice, plus you have the impression that your project is nearing completion that much quicker.  I also knit both sleeves at the same time.


So, thank you, Liz and your lovely shop!