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Dr Who’s alternative colour scheme

The next Dr Who scarf is complete and for the first time I have followed the alternative colour scheme to create a replica scarf as worn by actor, Tom Baker, in the role of The Doctor in the later series.



IMGP5783 IMGP5786 IMGP5787

My first “Dr Who” scarf of 2014


Much like the one worn by the actor, Tom Baker, in the vintage TV series of Dr Who, here’s my first completed hand knitted Dr Who scarf of 2014.

I love knitting these over-long scarves.  It means you can get a real knitting hit whenever you need one.  I always have at least one scarf on the go.  Contrary to popular opinion (!) the stripes and colours are not simply random.  I follow the ‘official’  original BBC patterns as closely as possible.  I get a great sense of satisfaction each time I finish a scarf, sewing in the ends and attaching the rainbow tassels.  Then I find I miss the scarf and I have to start knitting the next one!

Here goes!


It’s time to hide behind the sofa!

Having spent most of my childhood petrified of the daleks and some of my more recent adult years not daring to blink, it seems odd that I should so enjoy knitting Dr Who scarves.  The beauty of them is that you can literally knit them anywhere and they sometimes lead to the most interesting conversations on public transport!

To quote another popoular BBC children’s TV programme: Here’s one I made earlier!



Superlong Dr Who scarf

At almost 7 metres long it’s definitely the longest scarf I’ve knitted to date.  Now it’s finally finished and ready to take on the daleks.

Watch out for my handknitted Dr Who scarves on eBay or contact me to commission your very own!