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Rainy day sewing

Today was a day for staying indoors and bringing some sunshine into the house with some up-cycled curtains.  I originally made these curtains from Laura Ashley fabric for my daughter’s bedroom in the 1990s.  I have cut them down, re-lined them and added new rufflette tape.  Sewing them transported me back to my daughter’s lovely sunny bedroom when she was a child – the fabric is a little sun-faded in places.  Other damage the curtains had sustained is thanks to her pet rabbit at the time, who was partial to a little nibble on the edges of the fabric.  I’ve incorporated the faded bits and the bunny damage along with all our happy memories in the ‘new’ curtains.  The material is so pretty that I don’t think anyone will mind.  They certainly brighten up my laundry room on such a dreary day.

bunny-damaged curtains

bunny-damaged curtains

sewing new rufflette tape

sewing new rufflette tape

'vintage' Laura Ashley fabric

‘vintage’ Laura Ashley fabric

I couldn’t remember the name of the fabric, but Laura Ashley have very kindly reminded me via Twitter!
Soo @handmadebysoo
@LauraAshleyUK upcycling ‘vintage’ LA curtains, but can’t remember the name of the fabric. Can you remind me, please? pic.twitter.com/43KFVIuuVd – Feb 22

Laura Ashley @LauraAshleyUK

@handmadebysoo I can confirm this was our old ‘Dotty’ fabric and this colour way is named ‘Poppy’. I hope this helps, thank you.

10:06 AM – 23 Feb 15

My first ever quilt is finished! Hurrah!

This quilt has been a work in progress for approximately 10 years!  I finally got around to finishing it.  It’s made of vintage cotton upholstery fabric samples, sewn on to a pre-loved woollen blanket, backed with further fabric samples.  I made bias strips for the edging.  I used cutting skills, hand placement, machine and hand stitching.  The finished quilt is so heavy that the last stretch was quite a workout for the arms!  My fingers are also pretty sore from all the stitching, but … I did it!  I’m now looking forward to relaxing summer picnics!

IMGP5730  IMGP5732 IMGP5733 IMGP5734

My first “Dr Who” scarf of 2014


Much like the one worn by the actor, Tom Baker, in the vintage TV series of Dr Who, here’s my first completed hand knitted Dr Who scarf of 2014.

I love knitting these over-long scarves.  It means you can get a real knitting hit whenever you need one.  I always have at least one scarf on the go.  Contrary to popular opinion (!) the stripes and colours are not simply random.  I follow the ‘official’  original BBC patterns as closely as possible.  I get a great sense of satisfaction each time I finish a scarf, sewing in the ends and attaching the rainbow tassels.  Then I find I miss the scarf and I have to start knitting the next one!

Here goes!